What to do in Venice, Good Wine Apartments Style!


What to do in Venice

Cicchetti food in Venice

What to do in Venice

When you visit a city, one of the things you are most likely to do is to immerse yourself in the local culture and, even more, to try the typical drinks and dishes.

It is a great way to learn more about the place you are visiting.

Venetian cuisine is tied to the centuries of the greatest splendour of Venice, from the 15th till the 17th century, to be more precise.what to do in venice

It is during those centuries that some of the most famous Venetian dishes were created, to suit the lavish lifestyle of the city, which was relishing in the pleasures of the table and took the name of Serenissima, the Most Serene.

And to fully enjoy the flavours of Venetian cuisine, the dishes had to be accompanied by delicious Veneto wines that enhanced the quality of all courses.

But today eating and drinking in Venice, being a very touristic city, can be a bit tricky and expensive, if you do not know your way round and the way to avoid the tourist traps.

So, make the most of your visit to Venice by discovering the wide range of Food and Wine activities and experiences, which Good Wine Apartments offers its guests.

You can choose from a large variety of wine and culinary services, like taking part in a Venetian Food Cooking Class in a stunning Venetian 15th Century Palace.

what to do in venice

Cooking Class in a 15th Century Palace in Venice

Or enjoy wondering around the hidden streets of the Venice by taking part in a 3-hour walking Food tour or trying some of the best Veneto wines with a wine tasting in a typical Wine bar in the historic center of Venice.

eat in venice

Selection of Cicchetti

And if you do not want to leave your apartment, we can arrange for a Home Cook dinner to be prepared just for you by two local cooks or even a Door-to-Door cooking lesson, where you will be learning to cook some delicious typical Veneto recipes. 

what to do in venice

Home cooked dinner


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